1. Visit Calendly.com
  2. Create an account
  3. Confirm your email address.
  4. Decide on your calendly.com shortlink (calendly.com/yournamehere) and timezone
  5. Connect your calendar account. This is what enables calendly to automatically create appointments into your calendar, and to detect when you already have an appointment or time block.
  6. From the My Calendly dashboard, select one of the meeting types (15 minute meeting, 30 minute meeting, and 60 minute meeting) and then click Edit.
  7. Change the name of your event from “15 minute meeting” to “Chat with Me”.
  8. For the location, you can input “Phone Meeting” to force the meeting to be a phone meeting. Or if you would like to meet with local business owners directly for greater chance of closing your sale, you can select “Let Invitee Decide” which is located underneath the input box for Location. Keep “Display location while booking” enabled.
  9. For description, we suggest “Let’s discuss how we can connect and pass each other business!”
  10. For the short link, we suggest “chat”.
  11. Select the event color and click Save & Close.
  12. Select “When can people book this event?”
  13. Select the timeframe of the meeting. We suggest 60 minutes, to allow for enough time if your conversation picks up, and also it will help to buffer your meetings so you don’t have multiple meetings in one hour.
  14. That’s all we need to configure on this tab so click Save & close at the bottom.
  15. Click “Invitee questions”
  16. Click “Add new question” and input “Your Phone Number” for the question title. Make it Required by checking the checkbox. Under “Answer Type” select Phone Number, then click Apply.
  17. This page is complete so click Save & Close, then go back to Event Types
  18. The free tier of calendly will only allow 1 event type, so it is best to turn OFF the other event types for now.
  19. Click the user account icon in the upper right and head to Account Settings
  20. Update your name, welcome message, and picture. For your name, please use your full name. You can also include “Customer Rep @ TheCreators” as a title after your name. For your welcome message, we suggest “Welcome to my scheduling page. Click below to book an appointment into my calendar.” Use a professional photo of yourself for your picture.
  21. Copy your link by clicking the user account icon at the upper right, and click “Share Your Link”.

You’re done! Now you’re one step closer to becoming a Sales Partner and closing your own sales.