Monthly Marketing Sherpa

Hire Ryan Kagy as your Marketing Consultant, Designer, or Business Partner

Ryan also provides general coaching and consulting services, for businesses with less specific needs. Since 2006, Ryan has become experienced with many different types of business related problems, and how to solve them effectively, with little expense involved, while maximizing positive reactions from customers, employees, and owners. Ryan believes that we are all in the business of creating reactions – and the most important asset to win in that business is creative advantage. Businesses with a creative advantage will always grow faster and reach customers on a more human level than those businesses without creativity behind them.

UPLIFT Consulting

General creative and technical support for your business billed on a monthly basis. Perfect for small and medium sized businesses who need that extra creative “oomph” for various projects, but without the hassle of hiring and keeping in-house employee. Your month-to-month consultation can include:

  • 1-on-1 strategy sessions via phone, chat, or email
  • Design production work
  • Hands-on Marketing
  • Tech support

Monthly Consulting Fee of $1000

This is the base consulting package and is included in the other packages.

Extrapreneur Coaching

Take Ryan on as an extrapreneur – The equivalent of having a freelance business partner working with you on the deep work needed to improve your business. Ryan will treat your business like his own, and work with you to implement new technology, marketing campaigns, and creative spirit throughout your brand.

Buy-in of $2000 (one-time)

Smart Startup Package

Your new business is going to need several things to get started, so why spend extra by getting all the pieces from different providers, and figuring out how to tie them together yourself? Get the Smart Startup Package to get all of Ryan’s best offerings, and bonus ongoing consulting, for one package deal.

One-time setup fee of $6000

Buying this package will give you a discount of 50% ($500) off your monthly consulting fees.

Monthly Marketing Sherpa


Prices include $1000 monthly consulting charge. An additional one-time fee is applied depending on your selection of package below.